What is Warrior Settler Nomad therapy?

What is Warrior Settler Nomad therapy?

There are a number of techniques we can use to support hypnotherapy treatments, and Warrior Settle Nomad is one of these, and a very powerful one, too.

It works on the concept that each one of us has a personality that is made up of three distinct types – warrior, settler and nomad. Each individual’s personality is a different split of these types – some may be predominantly warrior, some may be very much nomad, some more of a balance – and each one of these types affects how we react to life’s events – triggering a habit we want to break, a state of anxiety we wish to overcome, into eating disorders, addictions, crises of confidence, etc. It’s when people aren’t in harmony with their personality types that they start to feel unsettled, out of balance and unable to respond effectively to these life events or stresses. 

Here’s a quick summary of each personality type, and how what can seem a positive can also be a negative:

The Warrior: bold, driven, determined and tenacious, this person needs to be independent and wants to control everything around them. When that control is taken from them, they can react in an overbearing, even aggressive way. Should this be a long-term situation, those responses can impact day-to-day life, and a course correction is needed.

The Settler: amenable, empathetic, instinctive and emotional. Settlers want to work cooperatively and share what’s around them. Popular at work and socially, The Settler can also find themselves overloaded, pressured and struggling to push back. I have heard Settlers often describe themselves as a ‘soft touch’, and can be vulnerable to bullying or gaslighting behaviours by work colleagues or even friends. This can result in anxiety, fear and the flight element of the flight or fight response.

The Nomad: busy, sociable, outgoing and curious. Nomads are restless and constantly seek change, enjoy new experiences and love to be ‘in the middle of things’. Nomads had a really tough time during our various Covid lockdowns, isolation being anathema to this sociable soul. Nomads tend to be ‘live in the moment’ types, which can be tricky in a life or work environment when planning and preparation are key to success, and stress is the usual result.

How do I find out whether I am a Warrior, a Settler or a Nomad?

Nobody is likely to be wholly one of these personality types, but by understanding your predominant type, you can understand your motivations and stop blaming yourself for reactions that don’t fit with your ideas of how you should be. It is that concept that “I should be more…” that so often results in stress, anxiety and self-confidence issues that we can really address in our sessions.

In my sessions with you, I will help you understand how your WSN type both drives you forward and holds you back, so you can anticipate reactions to events and take a breath, and respond in the way you feel appropriate, not ‘in the moment.’ Working with who we are, rather than trying to suppress who we are, leads to a happier, more relaxed approach to life – and who doesn’t want that?

It takes just two sessions to establish your WSN type and bring balance and harmony back into your ‘team’. These sessions will help you answer questions you may have found just too big to resolve in the past, and help give you clarity and direction going forward.

Often clients come to me with huge questions and decisions to make, which they have been unable to resolve because they feel too adrift, or ‘unplugged’. They haven’t been accessing those parts of their nature that help them feel centred and strong and so don’t feel confident in their thinking.

These include:

Should I leave my wife?
Should I change career direction?
How can I cope with my dominant father?
How do I stand up to my boss?
Why do I constantly sabotage my weight loss?
Why do I drink too much?
How do I reduce my impatience?
Why do I procrastinate and fail to get things done?
Why do I get so anxious before interviews?
How do I recover from bullying?
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