W.S.N – Warrior Settler Nomad

What is WSN Counselling?

WSN – Warrior, Settler, Nomad – is a way of profiling our personality to help us understand why we react to events in our lives the way we do, from over-eating to crises of confidence issues to anger responses and more.

It is a technique conceived and developed by globally renowned hypnotherapist Terence Watts to assist fellow hypnotherapists in their work, by helping their clients understand who they truly are, at the deepest subconscious level, and how this affects us in daily life – and then use this knowledge to make positive, life-long change. 

WSN Counselling works to the premise that within each of us there is a trio of three clear, distinct personality types:


The Warrior: bold, driven, determined and tenacious; this person needs to be independent and wants to control everything around them.





The Settler: amenable, empathetic, instinctive and emotional. Settlers want to work cooperatively and share what’s around them.




The Nomad: busy, sociable, outgoing and curious. Nomads are restless and constantly seek change, enjoy new experiences and love to be ‘in the middle of things’.




We are all a mix of these three types, yet we are born with a dominant persona, and when we live in harmony with this, we are likely to feel more relaxed and content with our life.  

Problems start when our behaviours do not match our true personality type; when our ‘inner self’ and the ‘public self’ we show the world are not in harmony. 

Conflict between the person you subconsciously feel you are, and the person you feel you are supposed to be – the face you show the world – can trigger a whole mix of symptoms, from over-eating to panic attacks, from low-confidence to depression, anxiety, procrastination, frustration, anger, fear…the list goes on! 

Warrior Settler Nomad Counselling is therefore a technique used in hypnotherapy and counselling to help individuals understand their psychological state by understanding their core personality type. In my work I help you see how each of the three aspects of your personality can both support and restrict you, helping you make fundamental changes to your usual behaviours, habits and reactions to events. 


WSN is proven to work for:

  • Driving weight loss
  • Building confidence
  • Overcoming pre-interview anxiety
  • Recovery from bullying
  • Stopping procrastination and that sense of ‘going in circles’
  • Reducing impatience


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