Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Do you want to stop smoking?


Hypnotherapy for stop smokingIt’s hard to stop smoking on your own. You’re surrounded by temptation – at home, at work, when you’re socialising – and the feeling can be overwhelming. It’s easy to slip back into old habits.  Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for stopping smoking.


Are you tired of wasting money on stop smoking aids?

With e-cigarettes, patches, tablets and gum you’re replacing one habit with another. If you stop smoking with hypnotherapy you’ll stop for good: for the good of your health, your family and your bank balance.



Hypnotherapy for stopping smoking sessions are tailored to you

There’s no ‘one-size fits all’ approach to hypnotherapy. The programme is personalised to you…that’s what makes it so effective. I take time to listen to you and find out about you as an individual. I work hard to understand your personal motivations to stop smoking so I can make the hypnotherapy sessions powerful and dynamic.


Stop smoking – for good

If you’re serious about stopping smoking and have tried all the substitutes with no long-term success, then hypnotherapy is the answer for you. We have a great track record with clients who have discovered it is 100% possible to stop smoking with hypnosis.


The best way to stop smoking

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool and provides long term solutions to stopping smoking. You may think you’re fighting a physical addition, but in fact you’re fighting nothing more than a deep-seated habit – a mental addiction to the action of smoking. To stop smoking with hypnosis I will help you re-wire your thinking, break the habit and eliminate the desire.


How many hypnotherapy sessions will it take to stop smoking?

Using a combination of highly effective and dynamic techniques including hypnosis tapping and light therapy, my 1 session platform has been highly effective. This 1 session lasts for 2 hours and the success rate of people who quit smoking for good after 1 session is very high.**

In our session, we’ll discuss your personal reasons for stopping smoking. We’ll have an open and honest discussion about why you started smoking, why you want to stop, what are your main triggers for smoking and how the habit has become part of your lifestyle.

I’ll explain what hypnosis is and how it works. You will be hypnotised at the end of the session when you feel comfortable and ready. During this natural state of deep relaxation I will use all the information I’ve gathered to free you from your smoking habit. I will focus on the benefits of being a non-smoker that are important to you. You will feel relaxed but remain in control and aware of everything going on around you.

Although you will be relaxed, you will still be aware of everything going on around you and will remain in complete control. The whole STOP SMOKING session is personalised to you…that is what makes it so effective.

More questions? Take a look at our FAQS for more information or our FEES page for information on costs.

**It is not possible to guarantee success after one session for everybody. Reasons for smoking can be complex and in some circumstances, more than one session may be required.

NAtional Stop Smoking Centre registered practitionerIf you decide to stop smoking with hypnosis…
Then you will become a non-smoker. Being around other smokers or cigarettes will no longer be an issue for you. Hypnotherapy will remove the desire and cravings for a cigarette and you will not feel deprived in any way.


Stop smoking with hypnosis: call me on 0161 374 0227

5th November 2019

Since our session, things have been going really well and I'm really enjoying a smoke free life. Wish I had done it sooner - Thank you so much

26th September 2018

Just a few words to show my gratitude to Sally for the help I got to stop smoking. I have smoked on and off for 40 years and although I have given up the ‘weed’ on a number of occasions and started again, I felt I needed more that a patch this time around, to finally stop. Sally’s website looked impressive and I’m so glad I chose her to help. I would recommend anyone who may feel ‘this isn’t for me’ to get in touch and make that appointment & stop smoking, dare I say it, with ease! Go and do it. I did and feeling better for it and saving money, which is as good a reason in itself, great stuff! Thanks Sally.

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