Alcohol Dependency

Hypnotherapy is just one of a number of powerful techniques I use to help my clients overcome Alcohol Dependency and re-set their lives back on track.

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Alcohol dependence describes the most serious form of high-risk drinking, with a strong – often uncontrollable – desire to drink. It means drinking at a level that causes harm to your health.

Hypnotherapy for addiction can help you take back that control.

I work with people needing support to overcome addiction to:

  • Alcohol Dependency (not alcoholism)
  • Eating
  • Extreme sports & risk taking
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Shopping
  • Social Media
  • Smoking


How can hypnotherapy treat addiction?

I use a combination of three evidence-based and highly effective techniques to help my clients beat their addiction, whatever this might be.



Using hypnotherapy, we seek to get to the root of the problem by inducing a state of heightened awareness in the patient – a dreamlike state where we can access the subconscious, where the responses we have to certain triggers are set. In this relaxed and open state, you become more susceptible to suggestion, which we can take advantage of by talking over different ideas about the dependency you are suffering with.  By changing the way your mind responds to situations we can change your physical response too – meaning that the things that would usually trigger your need to do whatever it is that you are dependent on, will no longer affect you in the same way.


Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

Our ingrained habits, repetitive behaviours and automatic responses to events seem ‘hard-wired’ into our brains.  We all feel that habits or patterns of behaviour are hard to break, whether it be gambling, drinking, smoking or even infidelity – but they are not impossible to break.  Using BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, we can create new wiring – just like when an electrician re-wires your home and simply threads new wires around the old, disconnecting those no longer needed or safe to keep.


Visual Coding and Re-patterning Technique (V-CART)

V-Cart uses recent discoveries in the field of neuro-science around how the brain encodes information.  Often, people turn towards addictive behaviours as a way to forget about, or block out, the stuff we’re dealing with in our day to day life.  V-Cart is a process of the therapist using lights in a sequence that can wipe out the feelings of trauma and subsequently the urges that drive us towards the behaviour we want to stop.  Put simply, the addiction is our ‘drug of choice’ (chocolate, alcohol, online bingo, etc) stops us from ‘feeling.’ When you address and take away that feeling, the desire to escape goes with it.  V-Cart can also be used to install a repulsion towards a food or drink, so making it so much easier to abstain as we no longer have any desire to.


The satisfaction of success

I have worked with many people suffering from alcohol dependency and find it one of the most satisfying parts of my work.  You will hear many people say that it is a fight too hard to win.  I don’t believe this and have shown this to be untrue with many clients.  I know that we have an ability to change – if we truly want that change.  With my help, you can literally alter the way you think, behave and react, breaking the patterns that have led to the addiction that threatens to control you and take you away from the life you want to live.

Take your life back.  Call me today on 0161 374 0227 or fill in the form on the contact page and together we can work to help you gain control over your addiction and press that re-set button.


Getting help couldn’t be easier. Either fill in the form below, telephone 0161 374 0227, or email to arrange for your free initial consultation.


0161 374 0227

My normal hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday 9am-7pm

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amelia morreveamelia morreve
08:56 04 Jul 24
I contacted Sally after years of experiencing anxiety towards public speaking. After only 3 sessions, my perspectives and reactions have completely changed! Working with Sally has provided me with valuable tools to manage and reduce this anxiety and I now feel confident in myself. I cannot thank Sally enough for the positive impact she has made, and highly recommend her to anyone facing issues holding them back in their everyday life. Thank you! X
Harry BoultonHarry Boulton
19:38 31 May 24
I owe a lot to Sally and her sessions, her constant care and support has been key to the improvement in my mental health. She has well and truly provided me with valuable tools to help navigate my mental health for the future and I highly recommend mind solutions if you want the most helpful advice you could imagine.
Alex JonesAlex Jones
10:08 19 Feb 24
Excellent! Sally is amazing and really helped me.
Louis BoultonLouis Boulton
08:00 19 Aug 23
I came to Sally after a few terrible months alongside a lifetime of arachnophobia, at the time I wasn’t even able to refer or talk about my experiences properly. After only 2 sessions working with Sally, it has changed my perspective and my fear is exponentially less. I have also had chance in further sessions to explore beyond the phobia and learn more about how to manage myself in the best way in addition to managing tricky scenarios and more! Huge thank you to Sally for making such a positive impact on myself and clearly plenty others 😊
Carly SadlerCarly Sadler
15:44 08 Jul 23
I have had approximately 7 sessions with Sally. She is not only professional she is also approachable and makes you feel at ease. The sessions have hugely helped my anxiety I was suffering with when I first came to Sally. She has made me look at things totally different gave me brilliant coping mechanism skills and made me so self aware of how I can help myself going forward. If you’re in doubt, make the appointment with Sally you won’t regret it.
06:48 12 Jun 23
I visited Sally for help with my golf, more specifically, my putting and the common issue known as the 'yips'.After struggling with my putting for many years, and it holding me back from ultimately competing at the highest level, it had developed into a more serious form of the 'yips'. I decided to give Hypnosis a go to see if I could put it right...Sally talked me through the 3-session process in a very easy to understand and simple way, whilst listening to everything I had to say on the matter. We tracked my issue back to a specific putt many years ago and started work on how to change this memory.Long story short, Sally was brilliant and I can now happily enjoy my putting, whether from 30ft or 3ft. The game I love is now firmly in my control and I am 'yip free' thanks to Sally's help. Can't thank you enough.
Lian VerrechiaLian Verrechia
10:09 30 Apr 23
I have recently worked with Sally to overcome various struggles in my life. The therapies included BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Warrior Settler Nomad (WSN). I am not exaggerating when I say that this has literally changed my life! I feel like the 'new me' is starting to shine through, and I cannot thank Sally enough for the work we have done together. I will never forget what she has done for me. I really can't recommend her enough!
Rachel GilluleyRachel Gilluley
15:01 01 Mar 23
I asked Sally for help as she was so successful with our son. She was able to make sense of my emotional spaghetti and change the way my brain processed unwanted memories and emotions. I'm no longer angry, anxious or emotional and my mood swings have stopped. Obviously this has benefited me and those around me hugely. I can't recommend Sally highly enough and would not hesitate to return to her for any issues in the future.
Naomi LanaganNaomi Lanagan
11:18 18 Jan 23
I had been struggling with health anxiety and came to Sally for help with this, and I am so glad I did. The sessions are brilliant and I feel so much better now. I would highly recommend Sally.
Tracy WesemeyerTracy Wesemeyer
15:15 21 Oct 22
I took my daughter to see Sally, with anxiety and panic attacks, after the initial appointment She came away confident and calmer, and seemed to be able to deal with her attacks much better, we returned today for another appointment and was given some great tools and processes to help her start each morning with a positive mindset.I'd recommend Sally to anyone that is considering Hypnotherapy or similar, she is absolutely lovely and very welcoming.
Julie SturgessJulie Sturgess
15:54 22 Aug 22
You know when you have been masking and putting off dealing with something that’s quite debilitating for a really long time and then one day, its a monstrous obstacle and you just have to face into it??Well that’s where I was when I went to Sally for help with anxiety and particularly around public speaking and interviews. The frustration and upset of going from a confident competent person to someone fighting a flight response in these situations was soul destroying.Sally listened and took an holistic approach to resolving the source of my anxiety and gave me coping mechanisms in the meantime. I knew through our sessions that I was improving but you don't know how much until you put it to the test.At the time, I had been with the same business for over 25 years but had an unexpected departure, so the timing could not have been more perfect to have gotten help.. Well, I smashed a couple of interviews and felt brilliant in the process. I actually enjoyed them. It allowed me to think clearly and say everything I wanted to say in a happy and engaged way. In turn, that allowed me to be choosy about the job I took.I wont hesitate to go back to Sally as there is more we can work on, but what she worked on with me was an absolute game changer.
Emma TompsonEmma Tompson
08:39 07 Jul 22
Sally has changed my life. I've had bad anxiety for a number of years and it was getting worse on the run up to my wedding so needed it sorted before then. I saw Sally for several sessions and can't thank her enough. Through hypnosis and other techniques my anxiety has disappeared. In June I was able to walk down the ailse in confidence and enjoy every second of my wedding, something I never dreamed possible. Thank you so much and to anyone reading this I highly recommend Sally
18:26 27 May 22
Sally has transformed our 13 year old son from an anxious worrier to a light-hearted boy full of potential and optimism. T no longer fixates on past hurts, he sleeps well after 6 years of insomnia and wakes bursting with energy. The mental and physical changes T has experienced are astonishing and Sally achieved this in only 4 sessions. We are so grateful to Sally for helping our family and will not hesitate to revisit in the future for any mental housekeeping that may be required.
Lisa TigheLisa Tighe
21:52 04 Mar 22
After trying to loose weight and gain fitness for some time I had been unsuccessful. I started working with Lorraine and I started to see and feel improvements. Lorraine is a very knowledgeable therapist and I felt at ease and confident in her sessions.Through Hypnosis and various other tools Lorraine uses, I began to think differently and I started to focus on getting results. I looked forward to each session as I was not only seeing results but I was also learning so much about nutrition, mindset and motivation.I not only lost weight but also eat much healthier which has really helped with my energy. My confidence has improved and I am no longer eating rubbish when I feel down. Lorraine is amazing at what she does and the Hypnosis has been life changing!! I highly recommend Lorraine x
Jo CJo C
20:23 03 Mar 22
I came with a multitude of issues and problems. With some complex issues, sally has left me with lots of strategies and tools to cope and move forward. She has also left me with a fantastic team to help me through life ( you will need to go to her to find out about the team) !!!!!! Thank you
18:52 11 Jan 22
Sally helped with overcoming my driving anxiety. She got to the root cause (previous bad experiences) and gave me ways to deal with it. As a result I passed my driving test despite a difficult route and examiner that would have made the old me panic.I spoke to many therapists before I chose Sally and I'm glad I went with her. Effective, honest and empathetic. 2 sessions were enough to solve the issueThanks Sally!
Charlotte BCharlotte B
09:22 23 Nov 21
I primarily went to Sally for help with a phobia. Over a number of sessions we worked to change my mindset and reduce my feelings of anxiety that had become unmanageable. Through hypnotherapy, brain-reworking and additional exercises/homework that Sally provided, my anxiety levels have reduced and my phobia is more manageable. In addition, we did some sessions to work on my confidence and self-esteem. These sessions were really helpful and gave me some useful tools which I have given me much more self-confidence. Throughout my treatment Sally was kind, re-assuring and understanding and I would definitely recommend her.
Adrian SmithAdrian Smith
14:32 04 Aug 21
I couldn’t rate Sally highly enough. She has helped me to change my mindset through a few different approaches and the results are fantastic, in 6 weeks I lost over 2 stone in weight following Sally’s advice. Sally is also very knowledgeable in healthy eating and nutrition.
Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous Anonymous
16:15 19 Jun 21
I went to Sally for a number of long-standing issues spanning decades. I have tried, counselling, CBT and medication, and although they all helped in their own way, I still did not feel like I had overcome my issues. I always wanted to try hypnotherapy but was apprehensive/nervous about it. I finally plucked up the courage and contacted Sally on recommendation of another therapist. I have to say it is the best decision I made. Sally uses a range of techniques not just hypnotherapy. Although I had quite a few sessions (as there were a number of issues I wanted to deal with), it was worth every penny! My only regret is that I didn’t contact Sally sooner!!
Hayley ShawHayley Shaw
12:57 15 May 21
To describe Sally in one word I’d have to go with amazing. From the second she greets you at the door you feel at ease. I’d never previously tried any type of therapy before I went to see Sally, and I had felt a little apprehensive before our initial consultation, but I needn’t have been because I was in very safe hands. She really gets to know you and understand the reasons you’re there, to be able to maximise every session. So if you’re looking for a little help with a problem you may have, or a situation you find yourself in, then I honestly can’t recommend Sally enough. Just relax and trust in her knowledge and experience, the results will speak for themselves.
Simone PinkusSimone Pinkus
11:52 30 Apr 21
My teenage daughter was having many problems due to being diagnosed with a life long illness and then Covid on top. We were recommended to a Sally for being so kind and patient and that she is great with kids. We were not disappointed. She is all those things and more. We had many wonderful sessions with Sally and she really helped my daughter to over come so many fears & her heightened anxiety. We too would highly recommend Sally as she is do professional and knowledgeable. There is nothing Sally can’t deal with.We will definitely keep in touch.Thank you Sally for all your hard work and determination. XXX
John BagnallJohn Bagnall
16:09 29 Apr 21
I have tried many ways to stop smoking over the many years, thankfully I was recommended to sally at mind solutions. I have received hypnosis several times previously without success, Sally’s hypnosis was a totally unique experience. It is with big thanks to sally that I can say with certainty that I am a none smoker for the rest of my life and recommend her service highly, thank you Sally 🙏John B
07:14 25 Apr 21
I have been trying to help my son, 8 years old, with a fear of choking and being sick for around 5 years.I decided I needed to get some extra help to help him get over this and heard of many positive experiences with Sally.The treatment has worked wonders and my son is now able to eat with out fear and has a completely different attitude towards food. He is delighted and so are we!Thank you so much Sally for your amazing work!!!
Heather JenkinsonHeather Jenkinson
05:21 14 Mar 21
I came to Sally in search of help to move on from trauma. She made me feel at ease from the get go and I couldn't recommend her enough. I feel like I can move forward in life now without the past weighing me down; thankyou!
sinead goodwinsinead goodwin
09:09 05 Mar 21
Taking my daughter to see Sally was one of the best decisions of my life. The changes in my child are amazing - my daughter has been provided with many tools to help her with growing up and dealing with high school life. My daughter also had a phobia which Sally has helped with and this has made a huge difference to both my child and our family. I really recommend using Sally she has been fantastic and very professional.
Laura GilchristLaura Gilchrist
16:18 20 Feb 20
I came to Sally as I was dealing with some anxiety around a transition in my life and Sally gave me the tools to deal with it. Not only did I find the sessions really helpful, I have been amazed at how quickly the strategies she's given me are working. She helped me work through some barriers that were holding me back. I would 100% recommend her!
22:53 13 Feb 20
Sally has been a great help and support to me. She has been very flexible, and able to adapt a session at a moments notice to suit my needs at the time of the appointment. I went to her with several issues in mind that needed addressing, but she also identified some areas which I hadn’t realised were contributing factors - and addressed those too. She has helped me hugely, and I would highly recommend her.
Andrew DavisonAndrew Davison
12:38 28 Jan 20
I contacted Sally having had a extremely turbulent year; which in turn had led me into a down-wood spiral I could not see a way out from. I was overthinking situations I had no control over that had led me to become extremely anxious, low in confidence and genuinely at the lowest point I have experienced in my life to date. Sally worked with me, employing various complimentary approaches. Over time this provided me with the skills to cope on day to day basis and helped rebuild the 'real' me. The work we did was very positive and learnt enormously from our weekly appointments. Having recently finished working with Sally I can honestly say that I have never felt as good as I do now, regarding what my future holds and who I am as a person. Sally is a consummate professional who put me at ease instantly and throughout the therapy. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sally to anyone who wants to make a change and needs help in doing so.
13:14 08 Jul 19
AMAZING. I went to Sally wanting help for a 40 year nail biting habit. I was sceptical before going but can honestly say she completely surpassed my expectations. All it took was one session and I haven't bitten my nails once since I left the session three months ago. I'd recommend her to anyone, absolutely brilliant
Carolyn FergusonCarolyn Ferguson
11:30 22 Jun 19
I would highly recommend Sally, she has a wonderful reassuring and calm manner and is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. I found the work we did together made a significant difference to my recovery of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I also have really effective simple strategies I can use to manage and control my symptoms.
Alistair McAuleyAlistair McAuley
12:40 30 Apr 19
After carrying 10 years of grief from loss of loved ones Sally has given me the ability to talk about the loss and remember in a positive mindset. If you are feeling anxious and low she can help with how you think about your situation. I would recommend Sally.
Amanda EllwoodAmanda Ellwood
19:14 02 Apr 19
After seeing Sally for sleep issues in 2011, I have kept in touch and decided to see her again to experience a therapy new to me. BrainWorking Recursive therapy. This was in part for professional curiosity, as refer many of my patients to see Sally, but also to deal with a niggling issue.This was a powerful, energising, and almost overpowering session, and since then life seems to be much calmer and happier since my single session with Sally. Many thanks Sally, you worked your magic again!
Ciaran BoylanCiaran Boylan
18:20 26 Mar 19
After suffering with anxiety for 12 years and having countless CBT sessions alongside trying numerous medications I decided to contact Sally because I wanted to try hypnotherapy. I was apprehensive about calling but she was very positive and soon put my mind at rest and suggested that I may benefit most from something I’d never heard of called Brainworking Recursive Therapy. I had 5 sessions with Sally and my life has changed dramatically for the better. I no longer feel anxious all the time and she also helped me with a bereavement I was struggling with. My life had stagnated and plateaued and now I’m advancing my career, making plans for the future and doing things I never would have attempted before. Also, she gave me material to take home and continue the therapy myself. I was on a cocktail of 3 medications when I started my sessions, I’ve binned one and I’m in the process of reducing the other two. Thank you so much, Sally!
Michael GeeMichael Gee
17:05 05 Mar 19
I saw Sally a while ago for an issue I had been struggling and was amazed quickly and easily she was able to help me. Sally put me at ease from the first moment I met her. I highly recommend her.
08:22 25 Jan 19
It took one hour with Sally to give up SMOKING..!Smoked for 38 years, on 30 cigarettes per day and didn't believe for one moment Hypnotherapy would work...I have suffered no urges, no cravings and to my surprise, it has been relatively easy.Thank you Sally,
Martin CumminsMartin Cummins
09:46 21 Jan 19
Ive recently being seeing sally to help with some problems ive had trough out my life and all i can say is this woman is she is amazing,i feel like a new person since i started with sally and i would 100% recomend her to anyone.what she does is more powerfull than i ever thought.sally from the bottom of my heart,thank you for everything youve done for me.Best regards Martin.
Ella McGrathElla McGrath
08:57 29 Nov 18
I saw Sally for 4 months and she is brilliant! I had split from a long term relationship and was feeling depressed and anxious. She used different strategies in order for me to get over this and become much more confident. When I was coming to the end of my treatment she helped me come up with ways to cope with these feelings if they come back which was really useful. Sally was so lovely and really a miracle worker! I would definitely recommend her.
Jeanette WatsonJeanette Watson
10:53 19 Nov 18
Sally helped us with a phobia of being sick. After only one session, the results were quite astounding. Sally was really easy to work with and she explained everything along the way. I would definitely recommend Sally.
10:11 13 Nov 18
It's very easy to feel totally at ease with Sally. I sought her help for lack of confidence with driving, particularly on motorways. I was terrified at the thought of driving by myself and had never attempted a solo motorway drive prior to seeing Sally. I had one session with her on a Saturday afternoon and was up at 7:30 the next morning for my first motorway drive. I handled it perfectly, and ever since I've been out every day, driving and parking (something else I was terrified of). I would not hesitate to recommend her, whatever the problem is.