3rd May 2023

“In November 2022, I booked a consultation with Sally to lose weight. Sally quickly discovered that my overeating (and alcohol consumption) were due to anxiety and depression that I have suffered with since childhood, and recent trauma. So, we focussed the sessions on these issues, rather than just weight loss. The therapies included BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Warrior Settler Nomad (WSN).

As part of the process I have given up drinking alcohol, which is an enormous achievement for me. I never imagined that I could deal with ‘life’ without using alcohol as a crutch. Thanks to Sally, I am! And just recently, I have started a new career path which I wouldn’t have considered doing a few months ago.

I am not exaggerating when I say that this has literally changed my life! I am no longer angry, I no longer suffer from constant anxiety, and I no longer dip into depressions. Of course, life still throws issues at me, but I feel much stronger to deal with them.

I feel like the ‘new me’ is starting to shine through, and I cannot thank Sally enough for the work we have done together. I will never forget what she has done for me. I really can’t recommend her enough!”