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Stop smoking with hypnosis

Is smoking addictive?  Yes.  Nobody will argue with that.  However, the physical addiction lasts only three days, after which your body doesn’t need the nicotine anymore, so just why is it so hard to give up? Well, put simply, it’s the habit that needs to be broken, not the addiction.  If you’ve repeatedly tried to […]

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Overcoming bedwetting in children

Bedwetting in children can become a problem as your child grows to the age when they are bothered by it, or it becomes a restriction to the way you live – nights away at friends or family, or sleepovers for your child, for example. Hypnosis has been proven an effective treatment to help overcome bedwetting, […]

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Overcoming fussy eating in children

Many parents understand the stress of dealing with fussy eating in children, when mealtimes become a battle-ground, rather than the happy family time we all want. It can be both frustrating and worrying, but using hypnosis can help rid your child of picky eating habits and set them on the path to a healthier view […]

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Hypnosis for weight loss

How does hypnosis for weight loss work? The concept is simple, it’s the delivery that takes a little time, effort and skill. Hypnotherapy for weight loss works because your hypnotherapist, in effect, re-wires your thinking so that you start to believe in yourself and have the attitude and mental strength to make the changes you […]

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Overcoming phobias in children

Phobias can be crippling and phobias in children can overwhelm an otherwise happy child’s life. What is a phobia? A phobia is an irrational fear resulting in a powerful aversion to something, often leading to extreme panic reactions. Phobias can range from the easily understood – such as arachnophobia, a fear of spiders or achluophobia, […]

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