Hypnotherapy for phobias

Can hypnotherapy cure my phobia?

Hypnotherapy for phobias is perhaps the thing most people want to know about. It’s a very powerful treatment that can, literally, change your life, and works for children and adults, across all forms of phobia.

What is a phobia?

The NHS defines a phobia as: an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal. It is a huge step up from normal fear. Many would say they’re frightened of spiders, but on seeing one they don’t experience a shocking sense of fear, a raised heartbeat, shortness of breath, sweating, inability to be aware of your surroundings, nausea or even vomiting.

I have had some very interesting clients over the years, bringing me terribly sad tales of how their life is so affected by a phobia – some common, such as spiders and insects, and some less common, such as a fear of ducks. You may raise an eyebrow, but when a mother can’t take her child to the park because there’s a duck pond, you can appreciate the impact it has on more than one life.

At the moment, as we start our walk into summer, people are rejoicing – warmth at last, time in the garden, BBQs with friends, trips to the park and visits to stately homes, sleeping on a deckchair, holidays! You’d think it would be universal, yes? No. There are so many people with phobias that are really seasonally driven that the arrival of spring can be very stressful.

Fear of insects (entomophobia) may be a year-round thing, but in spring and summer that’s when it starts to get really triggered. Fear of birds (ornithophobia), fear of spiders (arachnophobia), fear of flying (aerophobia)… these are all phobias that can truly ruin a summer.

How does hypnotherapy for phobias work?

Successfully treating your phobia takes, on average, just three sessions with me.

Session one
The key to successful treatment is to understand the root cause of your phobia, the events that triggered it and what your physical or emotional response is. Our first session is wholly focussed on this part of your treatment. Often, understanding where the fear lies is key to your ability to overcome it – you can see it’s not as irrational, or ridiculous, as you have told yourself. I want to understand how your phobia affects your life, the actions you take to avoid contact with the cause of your fear and how it makes you feel. I then teach you tools and strategies to help you stay more in control of your phobia.

Session two
In our second session I use a powerful technique called Brainworking. This technique focuses on, in effect, rewiring your brain so the response patterns and memories relating to your
phobia are significantly lessened, giving you the ability to have a more rational, manageable
response to your phobia in future, and helping you eliminate it forever. In essence, we put
you back in control of how you react when faced with your greatest fear.

It’s an incredibly empowering feeling, knowing that something that once triggered overwhelming fear now no longer has that power over you.

Session three
This session is hypnotherapy that focuses on dress rehearsing a new positive response in a situation that would in the past have triggered panic. This with the tools I gave you in session one, and the very powerful Brainworking in session two, set the path for a phobia-free future.

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