Have you been having trouble sleeping recently? It may be that you have insomnia, the medical term for struggling with sleep for long periods during the night, night after night. Insomnia can take many forms, so if any of these descriptions matches what you are experiencing, you have insomnia.

You have insomnia if you regularly:

  • find it hard to go to sleep
  • wake up several times during the night
  • lie awake at night
  • wake up early and cannot go back to sleep
  • still feel tired after waking up
  • find it hard to nap during the day even though you’re tired
  • feel tired and irritable during the day
  • find it difficult to concentrate during the day because you’re tired

If any of the above seems familiar, you’re not alone – it’s believed that one in three adults in the UK are suffering from some degree of insomnia at any one time. That’s 16 million people. Untreated and unresolved, insomnia can lead to an increased risk of developing chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and impacted mental health.

Sometimes insomnia can last just a short while, and can be easily tied to a short-term change in lifestyle or event happening in your life. Sometimes it can go on for a long time, and this is when you need to take steps to address it. Sleeping tablets are not a solution, as these simply mask the issue, they don’t address the root cause, and can have side-effects that are unhelpful.

If you have tried the NHS recommendations around cutting caffeine, instigating a ‘good’ bedtime routine, and increasing your outdoor exercise levels, then hypnotherapy for insomnia may be the solution for you.

Treating insomnia with hypnotherapy is actually why I became a hypnotherapist. After struggling with huge stresses both at work and at home and finding myself almost at breaking point through lack of sleep, I turned to a hypnotherapist for help. The relief when it worked, and worked fast, was so overwhelming I knew I needed to change the course of my entire life and train as a hypnotherapist myself.

Hypnotherapy for insomnia is very much a collaborative process. I first spent time with my clients establishing the root causes of their trouble sleeping, and the pattern this nighttime wakefulness follows. Often insomnia is caused by external forces affecting our stress levels, sometimes it’s simply become a habit, even once the initial cause has been resolved.

Whatever the cause, hypnotherapy as a cure for insomnia can be immensely powerful and rapidly effective. In our first session, we work to establish why and how sleeplessness is a nightly event. We then work to address your stresses, and help you achieve a feeling of deep and refreshing relaxation.

As you can imagine, insomnia soon becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, swiftly moving from “I hope I get a good night’s sleep tonight” to “I know I won’t get any sleep tonight.” We will address this pattern of thoughts and negativity, and lead you back onto the path of positivity – and sleep.

So, can hypnotherapy ‘cure’ insomnia? Well, I am walking proof that it can massively help, as are the many clients I have seen for treatment. Because although insomnia is often a symptom of a period of stress, it can become ingrained as a habit even once the stress is relieved, and as we all know – habits can be broken, and for some people that can mean insomnia becomes a distant memory.

Don’t let a lack of sleep damage your life any longer. I can get you back on track to healthy sleep, an improved resilience for coping with stress, and a happier, more relaxed way of being.

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