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What is hypnotherapy?

Mind solutions hypnotherapy
Very simply, hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic treatment.

A skilled and experienced hypnotherapist will ask you questions about your medical history, your lifestyle and your general health – and how your life is affected by the issue you are seeking treatment for, to establish what it is that you wish to achieve and help you understand how your goals can be reached.

Following this, your Hypnotherapist will help you achieve a trance-like state, where you feel a pleasant sensation of deep relaxation and peace. This state allows you to make contact, as it were, with your subconscious mind and allow beneficial changes to be made to perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

It is not a simple process, which is why significant and ongoing training is required. But it is effective…as many thousands of people can testify.
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hypnotherapy for children

Hypnotherapy for children - mind solutions
Childhood isn’t what it used to be.

Whether you blame the changing world, educational demands, the media or know your child is suffering due to a single traumatic event, hypnotherapy techniques devised specifically for children can offer a lifeline to your child in their time of need

I love working with children, whether it’s overcoming anxiety, rebuilding confidence destroyed by bullying, addressing phobias or even beating exam nerves the work I do is life-changing and lasting.
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Brainworking Recursive Therapy

Brainworking recursive therapy mind solutions
The way we live our lives each day is influenced by the wiring of our brains, and sometimes traumatic events that create powerful, even overwhelming, memories can disturb our normal ‘wiring’ and create anxieties and behaviours that affect us negatively.

People who have suffered trauma – including sudden bereavement, childhood abuse, bullying, sexual assault, PTSD and more – find that the memory of what happened can prevent them from living a normal life.

Brainworking Recursive Therapy is a ground-breaking approach that enables you to re-wire your mind, so that previously damaging memories no longer overwhelm or negatively influence your daily life.
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