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Hypnotherapy works for Feng Shui Consultant

My name is Elizabeth Wells and I am a consultant of Feng Shui – finding solutions that attract success, health wealth and happiness into your life. However, on this occasion, I was hoping that Sally, with her renowned hypnotherapy, would find the solution that I needed. A consistently irritating habit that had been with me […]

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Find the real inner you

Ever fancied finding the real inner you? Just completed a new training course on Symbiodynamics by Terence Watts.If you need some help on moving forward in your life its a wonderful technique.We work on finding the 3 sides of you …assertiveness protectiveness and ability to change.Its dynamic and thought provoking …give me a call on […]

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Ready for the Christmas Party Outfit?

Start Free the Fat now  and you will look and feel amazing for Xmas….go on you KNOW you want to! Combining hypnotherapy with sound nutritional advise is what makes Free the Fat so unique! Get your mind in the right place…then sticking to the plan is easy

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#Sleep issues?

Latest testimonial from a client. I came into contact with Sally because I was having nightmares nightly. Two nights after our fist session and listening to the CD she gave me, the nightmares stopped. Not only did my nightmare problem get solved, but after I attended subsequent sessions, she gave me techniques to deal with my […]

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Treating addiction with hypnotherapy

Addiction is defined by the NHS as ‘not having control over doing, taking or using something, to the point where it can be harmful to you.’ The most common forms are addiction to drugs, gambling, alcohol or nicotine, although addiction can take many forms – such as online shopping, social media and even work. When […]

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Using BWRT for building confidence in children

How BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) helped a young dancer develop self-confidence and achieve her dream. Madison is an 11 year old Irish Dancer with exceptional talent, a facility for hard work and a will to win. The perfect combination for a Champion dancer you might imagine. But one key element was missing – self-belief. You […]

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Stop smoking with hypnosis

Is smoking addictive?  Yes.  Nobody will argue with that.  However, the physical addiction lasts only three days, after which your body doesn’t need the nicotine anymore, so just why is it so hard to give up? Well, put simply, it’s the habit that needs to be broken, not the addiction.  If you’ve repeatedly tried to […]

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