Hypnotherapy for Addiction

Help with addiction mind solutions cheshireHypnotherapy is just one of a number of powerful techniques I use to help my clients overcome addiction and re-set their lives back on track.

Addiction is defined by the NHS as ‘not having control over doing, taking or using something, to the point where it can be harmful to you.’  Hypnotherapy for addiction can help you take back that control.

I work with people needing support to overcome addiction to:

  • Alcohol Dependency (not alcoholism)
  • Drug taking (such as smoking weed or social cocaine use – not physical drug addiction)
  • Eating
  • Extreme sports & risk taking
  • Gambling
  • Gaming
  • Shopping
  • Social Media
  • Smoking


How can hypnotherapy treat addiction?

I use a combination of three evidence-based and highly effective techniques to help my clients beat their addiction, whatever this might be.



Using hypnotherapy, we seek to get to the root of the addiction by inducing a state of heightened awareness in the patient – a dreamlike state where we can access the subconscious, where the responses we have to certain triggers are set. In this relaxed and open state, you become more susceptible to suggestion, which we can take advantage of by talking over different ideas about the addiction you are suffering with.  By changing the way your mind responds to situations we can change your physical response too – meaning that the things that would usually trigger your need to do whatever it is that you are addicted to, no longer affect you in the same way.


Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

Our ingrained habits, repetitive behaviours and automatic responses to events seem ‘hard-wired’ into our brains.  We all feel that habits or patterns of behaviour are hard to break, whether it be gambling, drinking, smoking or even infidelity – but they are not impossible to break.  Using BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, we can create new wiring – just like when an electrician re-wires your home and simply threads new wires around the old, disconnecting those no longer needed or safe to keep.


Visual Coding and Re-patterning Technique (V-CART)

V-Cart uses recent discoveries in the field of neuro-science around how the brain encodes information.  Often, people turn towards addictive behaviours as a way to forget about, or block out, the stuff we’re dealing with in our day to day life.  V-Cart is a process of the therapist using lights in a sequence that can wipe out the feelings of trauma and subsequently the urges that drive us towards the behaviour we want to stop.  Put simply, the addiction is our ‘drug of choice’ (chocolate, alcohol, online bingo, etc) stops us from ‘feeling.’ When you address and take away that feeling, the desire to escape goes with it.  V-Cart can also be used to install a repulsion towards a food or drink, so making it so much easier to abstain as we no longer have any desire to.


The satisfaction of success

I have worked with many people suffering from addictions and find it one of the most satisfying parts of my work.  You will hear many people say that addiction is a fight too hard to win.  I don’t believe this and have shown this to be untrue with many clients.  I know that we have an ability to change – if we truly want that change.  With my help, you can literally alter the way you think, behave and react, breaking the patterns that have led to the addiction that threatens to control you and take you away from the life you want to live.

Take your life back.  Call me today on 0161 374 0227 or fill in the form on the contact page and together we can work to help you gain control over your addiction and press that re-set button.


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