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Using BWRT for building confidence in children

BWRT delivers that winning feelingHow BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) helped a young dancer develop self-confidence and achieve her dream.

Madison is an 11 year old Irish Dancer with exceptional talent, a facility for hard work and a will to win. The perfect combination for a Champion dancer you might imagine. But one key element was missing – self-belief.

You see, Madison could be told again and again that she had what it took to be a winner, but in her own mind she didn’t believe it and, as a result, simply couldn’t imagine herself lifting the trophy she had worked so hard to achieve.

Self-belief is a vital component in any competitor’s armoury. Whether you’re an athlete striving for the winner’s podium, a dancer seeking national titles or simply someone wanting to keep moving forward in their career.

BWRT is a marvellous tool for helping to re-wire our responses to events we experience. Under pressure, we tend to develop a response pattern – the same things happen every time, to the point where it becomes almost pre-destined…at least in our minds. This can be changed! By using BWRT, I can help my clients re-imagine their response to those events to create a new outcome in their mind. This new pattern then overwrites the old, just as new software overwrites the old when you upgrade your PC! This new positive brain patterning can last a lifetime.

I worked with Madison to help her picture herself as a winner, to see herself lifting that trophy and receiving the reward she deserved – the reward everybody but her thought she was worthy of.

Last weekend, Madison entered the qualifying rounds for the World Irish Dancing Championships. Here’s what her mother has to say: “Madison did fantastically well at Qualifying. Not only did she qualify for The World Championships but she also won the competition! She is over the moon as you can imagine. Everyone commented about how she looked more confident. Thank you for all you have done.”

Don’t you just love a happy ending?


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