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Treating addiction with hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy for addictionAddiction is defined by the NHS as ‘not having control over doing, taking or using something, to the point where it can be harmful to you.’

The most common forms are addiction to drugs, gambling, alcohol or nicotine, although addiction can take many forms – such as online shopping, social media and even work.

When any activity has started to take over your life: disturb your home and work life; damage relationships, financial stability and/or health and wellbeing – it’s time to take action.

But everybody knows that breaking an addiction is hard, very very hard. It’s rare that someone can do this alone and unsupported.

Treating addiction with hypnotherapy is effective, safe and works to remedy the cause, not the effect.

Hypnotherapy seeks to get to the root of the addiction by inducing a state of heightened awareness in the patient – a dreamlike state where we can access the subconscious, where the responses we have to certain triggers are set. In this relaxed and open state, you become more susceptible to suggestion, which we can take advantage of by talking over different ideas about the addiction you are suffering with.  By changing the way your mind responds to situations we can change your physical response too – meaning that the things that would usually trigger your need to do whatever it is that you are addicted to, no longer affect you in the same way.

Through my rigorous and ongoing training I have access to multiple techniques, including W.S.N Counselling and Brainworking Recursive Therapy, to help my clients achieve their objectives, make change and move on.

I have worked with many people suffering from addictions and find it one of the most satisfying parts of my work.

I work with people needing support to overcome addiction to:


Extreme sports & risk taking




Social Media


And with Alcohol Dependency (not alcoholism)

Call me today on 0161 374 0227 and together we can work to help you gain control over your addiction and welcome you back to your life.


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