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Hypnotherapy works for Feng Shui Consultant

My name is Elizabeth Wells and I am a consultant of Feng Shui – finding solutions that attract success, health wealth and happiness into your life. However, on this occasion, I was hoping that Sally, with her renowned hypnotherapy, would find the solution that I needed.
A consistently irritating habit that had been with me as long as I can remember was that when travelling home in the car, not necessarily from a long distance away, I would automatically start listing in my mind, all the jobs that needed doing on my return home. Clearly putting myself under a little pressure and stress, I then suddenly felt the need for the loo – desperate! I knew I did not need to go but it made no difference. I had tried everything, ignoring it, ‘riding’ through it etc, nothing could stop it and naturally it made for a very uncomfortable journey home.
A talk given by Sally indicated that anything repeated more than 24 times became a habit and hypnotherapy was the way to break any habit. So, with slight trepidation, I arranged for an appointment and had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Sally. She was extremely professional and started by checking through my answers to her preparatory medical questions. When satisfied with exactly what I wished to achieve from the session, I settled comfortably in her warm, attractive therapy room and the relaxation began. At no time did I feel alarm or under threat and knew that I could easily come out of the hypnosis. With previous relaxations I had been with a group whereas this was one to one and it was one of the most therapeutic experiences I have had.
You will be keen to know – does it work? Yes indeed – so much so that I have almost forgotten I ever had the problem – do try it, it does work! Just in case, Sally gave me a CD recording of the whole session, should I wish to reinforce her good work.

Another session with Sally was concerned with ‘Past Life Regression’. My previous familiarity with the hypnosis allowed me to enter into this without concern. Sally asked me which of my past lives I would like to know about – my reply was any that had reference to my current Feng Shui work. She took me through a wonderful relaxation that enabled me to find myself living in the 18th century, gathering herbs and helping to heal people. A very gentle, positive and fascinating experience, one I could highly recommend to anyone interested in this field.

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