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Sports Performance Hypnosis

“Even the greatest athletes can be held back by their mental state!”

If your goal is to WIN WIN WIN or simply to just improve your performance at the gym then sports performance hypnosis can be incredibly effective.

Elite sporting legends like Nigel Benn (boxing), Tiger Woods (golf), Roger Black (athletics) and Andy Cole (football) all have used hypnosis to get into the state of mind of having achieving complete control of their performance when it counts.

sports performance hypnosis cheshireWhether you are suffering from a sudden downturn in your performance, or want to step up to the next level, ensuring that your mind is as perfectly honed to win as your body is of utmost importance. Hypnotherapy to enhance sports performance is a recognised tool for both professional and amateur athletes, for adults and children.

Thousands of sports people have recognised how hugely effective sports performance hypnosis is, in focusing your mind and locking out negative thoughts about your performance.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance can help you relax, remove anxieties and boost confidence. Visualisation – of winning, of perfecting techniques – can help tune your mind for success. The brain may be a complex thing, but it can’t tell the difference between doing something and imagining it; to paraphrase a famous quote – ‘if you visualise it, it will come.’

Of course, as each person is different, so results will vary from person to person, but overall, sports performance hypnosis can be used to help you keep your composure, ignore distractions, overcome fears and improve your confidence in your ability to succeed.

Sports performance hypnosis will be completely tailored to your individual needs. It is effective for all of the following:

  • Confidence building
  • Reducing anxiety and stress
  • Giving you self belief in attaining your goals
  • Increasing focus and concentration
  • Positive visualisation
  • Overcoming mental blocks
  • Mental recovery from injury
  • Addressing competition nerves and maximising preparation

As well as hypnotherapy, I will use cutting edge Brainwork Recursive Therapy with you in order to maximise your potential.

Sports performance hypnotherapy usually takes between 4 to 7 sessions to be truly, long-lastingly, effective.

‘I originally came to see Sally as a struggling athlete and she has helped me transform my game by instilling in me the confidence to go out and perform at my optimum level no matter what the situation. Through her sessions I have come to expect success every time I step on the field and feel I can now deal with even the highest amounts of pressure, something that was not possible beforehand. I highly recommend Sally to any athlete of any level who is looking to improve their performance; due to not only her knowledge in the field but due to her warm embrace and understanding of my situation.’ - Jack

17th March 2017

‘I have completed 4 Ultra marathons in the last year and have placed on the podium in 3 of the 4. Sally has definitely had a big impact on those results. I highly recommend her.’ - Peter

17th March 2017

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