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Self Confidence

Confidence comes from within …and sometimes seems impossible to find

A lack of self confidence can make the world seem a very difficult place…

confidence hynotherapy cheshire altrinchamSally can really help you to find or rebuild the confident inner you .Using a variety of techniques she can help you REALLY grow those small seeds of confidence …to gain a POWERFUL new you

Once you have discovered your new skills in developing your confidence …you will only go from strength to strength

When working with confidence issues Sally prefers to meet with you on a regular weekly basis …giving you the support as you move through this wonderful period of change.

Do Any of These Statements Ring True?

  • Social phobia?
  • Lack of confidence with the opposite sex?
  • Has an incident at work knocked your confidence?
  • Being bullied?
  • Do you struggle feeling confident in a group?
  • Have you lost confidence in your interview skills since you were made redundant?
  • Hate doing presentations?
  • Does self doubt stop you from achieving your goals?
  • If you said “yes” to any of the above or have your own specific situation that you know you lack confidence in …then hypnotherapy can really help.

    Using a variety of techniques and hypnotherapy Sally will help you view your current situation in a new positive light and thus gain the confidence you long for.

    Usually 6 to 8 sessions

    Sally has helped me to be more confident in life through a variety of techniques including hypnosis and relaxation – she has a vast tool box of tricks – which have given me more control in my life and made me happier all round.
    I am no longer afraid of the unknown and am much more content in life.
    Sally is very understanding and made me feel immediately at ease, she clearly enjoys her job and loves helping people. If you are not sure how Sally can help you then don’t be afraid to give her a call!
    Thanks Sally! - Jane

    17th March 2017

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