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If you’re constantly seeking for a cure for insomnia, you should consider hypnotherapy – it’s proven to work. Indeed, I am a walking, talking and fully functioning proof of the power of hypnosis for insomnia myself, as it was this problem that led to me seeking help from a hypnotherapist – and culminated in a significant career change!

If you suffer from insomnia, you’re not alone. One of the commonest problems people face is the inability to sleep well. Sleeping tablets can help you sleep but they don’t get to the root cause of the problem and they can also mean you can wake feeling groggy and tired.

Hypnosis can be of great benefit to you if you experience either of the following:

  • Difficulty going to sleep – Do you lie there for hours tossing and turning, desperate for sleep to come ?
  • Waking in the night – Do you find dropping off easy enough, but then wake in the early hours, night after night?

“Often insomnia is due to worry and anxiety from past or current issues. Sometimes it is just a bad habit that needs to be broken.”

Whichever form of sleeplessness you suffer from, hypnosis can be very a very effective treatment. Using hypnosis we can address the issues that are bothering you and helping you feel more relaxed and less tense on a general basis. This in turn helps you to achieve an inner peace that leads to a restful night’s sleep

Using powerful hypnotic techniques, I will help you break your old thoughts and beliefs that ‘I am never going to sleep properly again’ and break the habit of sleeplessness, helping you learn how to get to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go again.

My approach combines therapy sessions with the use of a self-hypnosis CD for you to listen to at home.

You will soon find that you don’t have to ‘try’ to get to sleep, but will glide gently to sleep…..zzzzzzzz…every night.

Treating insomnia usually takes between 3 and 5 sessions. I am experienced and successful in treating all forms of insomnia, from chronic, long term insomnia to mild sleeplessness.

Insomnia for 18 months!
I had insomnia for 18 months and had tried everything possible but nothing worked apart from sleeping tablets prescribed from the doctor so I decided to try hypnotherapy. I went in with an open mind and after a few sessions I was already sleeping better than I was. Now I have an odd bad night but overall my sleeping pattern has improved dramatically and I am no longer dreading the day as I am so tired. Sally was very professional, friendly and puts you at ease and shows understanding which most people don’t. I would highly recommend. Niamh

17th March 2017

No more nightmares

I had suffered from nightmares (with recurring themes) for a number of years, and the broken sleep was affecting both me and my partner. I contacted Sally and attended for a thorough review of my issues and some relaxation. I found that my sleep had improved even after the first session, and then got even better after the subsequent visit, which involved hypnotherapy. I occasionally have dreams and the odd nightmare, but the recurring nightmares I had suffered for years have not returned! Thanks Sally! - Alison

17th March 2017

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