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Interviews, presentations and speeches

Stressed about an interview, speech or presentation? You can beat interview nerves with hypnotherapy!

confidence interview prep altrinchamPre-interview anxiety or stress can seriously affect the way you perform on the day, regardless of your experience and qualifications.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome interview nerves, increase your ability to focus and help you demonstrate your perfect fit with the job and the company.

It is a gentle effective and relaxing way for you to really get yourself prepared for any event, from interviews to speeches to presentations and pitches.

Your treatment will involve you consciously discussing the complexities of the situation and how your nervousness will impact upon you and then help you identify the way you want to perform on the day and the positive outcomes that you want.

Finally, using hypnosis we dress rehearse the event and positively reinforce the identified desired outcomes…helping you feel so much calmer, focused and completely prepared .

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