Frequently Asked Questions

Is hypnotherapy safe?
Yes, hypnosis is a completely safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience. In 1955, the British Medical Association issued a report stating that hypnosis was a valuable medical tool. You will be in a relaxed, trance-like state yet be totally aware and in control throughout. You will be able to stop the session at any time.
Can parents be present during child hypnosis?
Yes, I encourage parents to be present throughout all sessions.
How does hypnosis work?
Our minds are on two levels – the conscious and the unconscious. We make decisions, think and act with our conscious mind. The unconscious mind controls our habits. In the relaxed state known as hypnosis we can communicate directly with the unconscious mind. Through hypnosis I can give you the suggestions that you want to enable change. This is why it is so quick and easy to change lifelong habits with hypnosis.
Is hypnotherapy suitable for everyone?
I practise hypnotherapy on people aged seven and above. It’s suitable for anyone who has a strong desire to make a change in their life. During your first session I will carry out personality profiling to make sure hypnotherapy is right for you. Certain people are hypno-resistant and cannot be hypnotised but this is rare. Brainworking techniques are an alternative treatment for hypno-resistant clients.
How many sessions will I need?
Smoking takes an average of two sessions whilst phobia hypnosis usually takes three sessions. For other treatments, I provide an estimate of how many sessions you will need after the first session. An average client will have 5-8 sessions depending on the complexity of the issue. You will feel you’re making progress with every session.
What happens during a hypnotherapy session?
On booking your first appointment you’ll need to complete some simple forms that I will use to help me gain an in-depth understanding of your lifestyle and the challenges you face.

Before we undertake any hypnosis work it’s important that we both understand your goals and hoped-for outcomes, and what is preventing you from achieving them yourself. This allows us both to identify the barriers to change and take steps to remove them, allowing you to make the transformation you desire.

The second part of the first session is dedicated to hypnosis. You have a choice of receiving therapy on a reclining chair or a large, memory foam Buddha Bag, which moulds to the contours of your body. Both offer the perfect environment for you to be fully supported in luxurious comfort whilst you slip into a relaxed, light hypnotic trance. Many clients find the Buddha Bag so relaxing they want to take it home with them!

Ensuring your physical comfort means the therapy is delivered in a deeply relaxed state, directly to your unconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that controls unwanted behaviours, thoughts, bad habits and negative patterns. By ‘re-engineering’ your subconscious responses to external stimuli, I can help you make significant, permanent change.

What if I can’t be hypnotised?
Generally speaking, everyone can be hypnotised. You just need to be open minded and willing to participate in the experience. Virtually anyone can achieve successful results with hypnosis.
Will I be awake during treatment?
Hypnosis takes you to a trance-like state where you are halfway between being fully awake and awake. You will be aware of everything around you and what is being said. Your body will feel physically relaxed and your mind will be in a calm state that is open to suggestion. Hypnosis is not sleep and you cannot get ‘stuck’ in a state of hypnosis.
How will I know if I am hypnotised?
Hypnotherapy takes you to the unconscious part of your brain – the part you use when you are in ‘auto-pilot’ mode. This is a state many of us reach on a daily basis whilst driving, not realising how we arrived at our destination. During treatment, some people feel relaxed and heavy, and others feel lightness
Will I be able to remember anything afterwards?
Yes, you will remember what happened during the session. You will need to, as you may have homework to do afterwards!
Will I experience any after-effects?
The after-effects are always positive. Clients find they feel more relaxed and are usually able to sleep better after hypnosis.
How will I know if my treatment has been successful?
Clients generally notice an inexplicable change in their behaviours after hypnosis, at the very deepest level. Hypnosis seeks to resolve issues rather than ‘manage’ them like so many other therapies. Success to me is when I say goodbye to a client, knowing that I’ve helped them kick a habit or resolve a long-standing problem in their life.
Will the effects last forever? Will I need top-up sessions in the future?
It’s very rare for me to see clients again for the same condition. It’s much more common for clients to return to work with me on a completely separate issue.
How much does it cost?

For information on our fees and costs, head over to our FEES page.

‘Remember: This is an investment in you!’

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Just a few words to show my gratitude to Sally for the help I got to stop smoking. I have smoked on and off for 40 years and although I have given up the ‘weed’ on a number of occasions and started again, I felt I needed more that a patch this time around, to finally stop. Sally’s website looked impressive and I’m so glad I chose her to help. I would recommend anyone who may feel ‘this isn’t for me’ to get in touch and make that appointment & stop smoking, dare I say it, with ease! Go and do it. I did and feeling better for it and saving money, which is as good a reason in itself, great stuff! Thanks Sally.

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