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Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy weight loss manchesterHave you repeatedly tried to lose weight?  Tried every diet going and none of them have worked?  Could you be described as a yo-yo dieter?  You lose weight, you’re thrilled, then it all creeps back on again?  You’re not alone.  Every year around 34 million people in the UK – around 70% of the adult population – try to lose weight, spending £10 billion on commercial diets in the process.  For far too many of these 34 million these diets are a short-term solution only.

Why?  Your ability to lose weight and your ability to keep that weight off are two different things.  Commercial diet programmes address your calorie intake and/or your physical fitness, but not your mental or emotional fitness – and these are the bosses of you.  Using hypnotherapy for weight loss can make all this change.

It’s all in the mind

Our attitude towards food is quite a complicated issue. We tend to develop fixed relationships with food, beginning in childhood.  For some of us it is an unhealthy relationship that we need to change.  For those with deep-seated issues around food, when we go on a diet we’re trying to go against those established patterns, some of which will have been with you for years and years.  It’s no surprise then that you slip up, lose heart and give up…hence the yo-yo dieting issue: lose a few pounds, gain a few pounds.

So to be successful in your efforts to lose weight, rather than simply cutting the calories, you need we need to look at what you eat, how much, when, how often, and why.

Why do you over-eat? Well it’s probably not because you’re actually hungry. When you really think about it, how often have you been really starving hungry? We tend to eat because it’s time to eat, because we ‘fancy’ something, or because it makes us feel better when we feel sad, lonely, angry, resentful… otherwise known as comfort eating. We may also have old, redundant food habits imposed on us from childhood. Do you remember when you were told: ‘you can’t have any pudding until you clear your plate’?  Once you understand why you eat, it makes changing those patterns that much easier to do.

Hypnotherapy weight loss cheshireIt’s a lifestyle thing

As well as your diet we’ll be looking at all the other factors that play a part in losing or gaining weight. It could be that occasional glass of wine has become more than occasional and more than a glass!

We’ll also discuss and work on your attitude and self-beliefs around exercise.  Exercise isn’t top of everyone’s list, but it’ll speed up the process considerably, and improve fitness, muscle tone and posture.  It also makes you feel good!

So, how does hypnotherapy help with weight loss?

This is how hypnotherapy for weight loss works here:

  • We’ll talk about your current size or weight, diet and lifestyle
  • Jointly, we set realistic goals for how much you want to lose and over how long a period
  • We then agree what changes you need to make to achieve those goals
  • I can help you to make those lifestyle changes easily  using  hypnotherapy and other techniques
  • Through hypnotherapy we will break bad habits and change outdated coping strategies around food
  • I will monitor your progress and provide further support and therapy at regular intervals.
  • l will give YOU back control!

BUT!  This is not an easy cop out option for weight loss!  I will do my part and help you change your attitudes to food, dieting, exercise and how you feel about your body-shape and weight.  YOU need to follow the lifestyle and diet changes we have agreed on.  If you don’t do your part, then the work we put in while I do mine will be negated.  Think of it as tough love!

Together we will achieve your goals.




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