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Mind Solutions offer a wide range of treatments and are ideally placed for people travelling from Sale, Stretford, Altrincham and Manchester and Cheshire. Hypnotherapy fees for adults and children are as follows:


Consider this an investment in your mental health and well being

Initial Consultation:

Discounted hourly rate of £100 per hour for 2 hours. Total initial fee of £200 including personalized FREE music file to take home (saving £40 on normal 2 hour session fee)

During our first ‘unraveling’ consultation we will have a frank open discussion about your issues

Here we have a frank  ‘unraveling’ discussion about your issues which will of course, remain wholly confidential.

We will also discuss your objectives for coming to Mind Solutions, making it crystal clear to us both what you want to change in your life.
I will then explain why you are experiencing your feelings and how the brain can hold onto trauma and emotions,making us sometimes feel so powerless.
In the very first session you will be taught rapid strategies and techniques to take back control 

We will discuss then  strategies and options for future sessions .You will also be given an indication of the predicted number of sessions required.

“I never ask for upfront payments or block bookings for sessions.

I want Clients to come back for their sessions because they can feel a difference rather than they have committed to any financial obligation”


Subsequent sessions:

£120 for approximately 1 hour including music file to take home where appropriate

Smoking Cessation

Just think about the thousands of pounds you spend every year on smoking and the potential risks to your health and well being !

Take Back Control  

Session 1 Preparation to stop smoking: 2 hour session £200 including music file to take home
Session 2 Stop Smoking: 1 hour 30 min session £200 including Stop Smoking booster CD

Optional Session 3 If required we can add in an extra ‘coping with stress’ session if you feel you are turning to cigarettes when stressed rather than just habit .This would be a extra 1 hour session at £120 giving you techniques to cope with stress rather than reaching for a cigarette. This session would go before the Stop Smoking Session


I am delighted to offer a FREE no obligation 20 minute phone consultation where I can discuss your individual needs and I will explain how my strategies can help to address them.

Want to find out more? Call me on 0161 374 0227 or email me at

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