Grief Therapy

Grief counselling, bereavement support…when we experience loss we feel pain and feel the need to seek help in processing that pain. Traditional grief counselling might allow you to process the pain of loss, over time, but why should you wait for the months or years it might take to allow you to feel better again?


Last year I lost my beautiful mum. She was elderly, she was poorly, and it was her time, but the shocking blow of pain I felt when she passed surpassed anything I have felt before. It seemed to be never-ending and I longed for a way to move forward. After all, helping people change, supporting clients as they discover a way to re-wire their minds and walk past whatever was holding them back is what I do. I help people feel better and more able to achieve their goals.

Five years ago, I trained in a form of grief therapy that focussed specifically on those coping with traumatic loss at a young age, at a time when they were unable to process their feelings safely and so supressed them. My work has had powerful results for my clients, but did not prepare me for the type of loss I experienced and the pain I was suffering. I just wanted it over, but didn’t know how to make that happen. As a result, I invested in training in grief therapy to address the more ‘normal’, common types of losses we experience.

Many argue that when you experience a loss, it’s healthy to simply move through the ‘grieving process’ in whatever time it takes to progress from shock and pain to acceptance. But if you could more swiftly find a sense of peace, wouldn’t you? If you could commit to a single grief therapy session that would help you replace pain with loving memories, would you?

I would have, and now you can.

A single two to three-hour session with me will help restore you to feeling the sadness of loss, but not the pain. You will be left able to recall loving memories, without the accompanying shock of loss.

How do I help reduce the pain of grief?

Using BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, a therapy that has been described as nothing short of miraculous, I can lead you away from the suffering and into a place of calm acceptance. No longer will thoughts or memories of your loss trigger intense pain, but instead a sense of warmth and peace.

What types of grief can be resolved?

Grief can result from many forms of loss.  What we work to address is the trauma you are feeling, rather than the root cause.

  • Death of a loved one
  • Loss of a pet
  • Miscarriage, stillbirth or termination
  • The end of a relationship
  • Loss of a limb
  • Loss of a home or business
  • Covid-19

Dealing with death from Covid-19

Whether you have lost a loved one, or are a professional care worker coping with the stress of losing patients to Covid-19, this is a form of grief that has extra layers of emotional complexity. Many have been unable to say goodbye to their loved ones, as they were taken to hospital alone. NHS nurses and doctors have been overwhelmed with a sense of inadequacy in the face of coronavirus, unable to give their patients the dignified deaths they deserved, compassion for them and for their families unable to find an outlet, with always more work to do.

This grief therapy will help restore your emotional equilibrium, allowing you to safely process your experiences and move forward with your lives with a healthier acceptance of everything that has happened.

How do I book?

Call me today on 0161 374 0227 for a free 20 minute consultation, or fill in the contact form below.

Remote therapy: it’s your choice

At this time, while social-distancing restrictions are in place, face-to-face sessions are not possible. Instead, I work with my patients via Zoom, a very safe, end-to-end encrypted video-conferencing tool used by many major businesses for global meetings. This allows for a very powerful, interactive session where you can remain in the safe haven of your own home, while together we can complete your grief therapy and help you move on, even in these challenging times. I’ve had some fantastic results using Zoom with my clients. To see if this platform can work for you, I am offering a FREE 20 minute Zoom consultation before committing to therapy. 



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