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Do you have conflict between your inner and outer self ?

I have now completed my counselling training with the highly acclaimed Terrence Watts ….one of the leading Hypnotherapists in the United Kingdom.

We are all born with an Ego ideal template … a product of our ancestral inheritance … this is our inner self. This is how we would want to be to be true to ourselves, however we are moulded and shaped to fit in with family, society and culture and this is our ‘As Is’ template – our outer self.

When the gap between how we present ourselves and how we truly feel gets too wide, conflict appears.

This fascinating therapy helps you to understand your personality with much greater clarity, it introduces you to three styles of behaviour that colour everything that we do.

I use personality profiling questions that identify the Warrior Settler and Nomad within you. Using latest technology I will then give you a printed summary of your major traits and will highlight areas conflict that we can then work through together.

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